Google Shopping Services

Google shopping services can help drive product sales and increase your revenue in a significant way.

Why Invest in Google Shopping Advertising?

You get the best CTRs and more high-quality traffic to your site by listing your products in Google Shopping search results.

With Optimize4Success, we will work with you to help you maximize your results and get the best return on your investment.

Due to their prominent placement at the top of the search engine results pages and high-converting images, Google Shopping ads have incredible conversion rates. Using Google Shopping product listings, you can reach consumers who are actively searching for the products you’re selling. Whether a customer is using a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet device, Google Shopping is the most efficient way to showcase your products.

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01Initial Planning & Set Up

During the initial planning and setup phase, we handle strategic planning, demographic analysis, keyword research, and the creation of your Google advertiser account.

02Campaign Development

From there, as part of our display advertising services, we write ad copy and create graphics to increase click-throughs and conversions.


Next, we will handle all of the technical aspects of optimizing your ads, such as maximizing quality score, inserting tracking code, and goal-setting.


Then, we will look over any current display ad campaigns and make recommendations based on current best practices and research findings.

05Ongoing Evaluation

Additionally, as part of our ongoing management, we will assess your company’s digital marketing campaign performance and make quality recommendations for improvements, such as tweaking an ad group or targeting additional keywords to reach more of your target audience.