Pinterest Ads For Your Business

While it is a relatively new social media platform, Pinterest ads offer your business another unique way to market your brand.

Why Advertise on Pinterest?

40% of all pinners have a household income of $100k per year, and an additional 10% make at least $50k per year.

The disposable income potential on Pinterest Ads, therefore, is high.

29% of US adults are on Pinterest, making it the 4th most popular social media platform.

Only YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram come out on top.

There is an average of 2 million people pinning content every day, resulting in more than 100 billion pins currently existing on the platform.

This means lots of potential for circulation, which is good for you.

Regular pinners are spending an average of 34 minutes on the site per visit.

This is longer than some other average session lengths on platforms including Facebook (which averages 33 minutes), Instagram (24), and Twitter (24).

50% of Millennials use Pinterest every month.

Millennials are a hot market for a lot of businesses right now, so take note of this.

Pinterest has 250 million monthly active users.

This may seem small in comparison with Facebook, but think about your competition levels and the level of engagement happening on Pinterest.

50% of all new accounts are coming from men.

With half of all new signups coming from men, this is closing the gender gap previously on Pinterest.

How Pinterest Works

If you're new to Pinterest ads, the concept of how the platform works might be unfamiliar.

Pinterest is a type of ‘bookmarking website’ that allows users to ‘pin’ items they find on the internet to their ‘Pinterest Board,’ much like you would a vision board. From there, Pinterest users can either share their boards with other Pinterest users or use the platform as a way to save items they want to revisit later.

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers behind Pinterest ads and how they’re relevant to your digital marketing strategy:

40% of all Pinterest users have a household income of $100k per year. With an additional 10% of users having a household income of at least $50k per year, the disposable income potential on Pinterest Ads is high.

Pinterest is also the fourth most popular social media platform in the United States, with 29% of adults using it.

On average, two million people pin content every day on Pinterest, resulting in a total of over 100 billion pins on the platform. This indicates that there is a lot of potential for ad circulation, which is highly beneficial for your business.

Pinterest has a monthly active user base of 250 million people. When compared to other social media platforms like Facebook, it appears insignificant, but it alters the levels of competition and engagement.

Men now account for half of all new Pinterest accounts, closing the gender gap on the platform and opening up even more possibilities for marketing potential.