Mobile Commerce Automation

With mobile commerce automation, local businesses can now create a stronger connection to their customers.

Main Street Commerce Automation

With all of the big chains utilizing mobile commerce to their advantage, it’s about time for Main Street Independent businesses to get the same opportunity.

With our new software for small independent businesses, you can sell online, communicate 1-to-1 with your customers and personalize pricing for buyers

You can generate more opportunities to get sales when you have the right technology behind you. The same resources and tools that big chains and franchises have been using for years is now at your fingertips.

Mixing payment processing technology, with mobile targeting and social media power tools you now have the perfect storm to attract local customers like never before.

Sell your In-Store Goods and Services Online! How?

We all know the benefits of shopping local. It’s better for our communities, it boosts property values and it’s what makes America, awesome.

With that said, we live in a digital age and people love convenience. Why do you think Amazon is so successful?

Studies show that over 80% of Americans shop online and 51% of them have purchased from their phones.

How is a local business like yours supposed to compete with that?

With the proprietary technology our partner “Fanbank” has created you can take your in-store goods and services and sell them online.


How It Works

01Market and sell tailored offers from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone

02Connect those same offers to your customers debit or credit card. (same one that is sitting in their wallet)

03Auto settle those offers without altering your point-of-sale system or hiring more staff

Mobile Commerce Automation


Professionally designed materials
One Click Sharing
Custom Campaigns
Email Tools
Facebook Ads
Custom Online Experiences (Campaign Link)
Automated Emails
Access to Big Brands


More Control
More Freedom
Social channels turn to Sales Channels
No Staff Training
No Change to Your POS system
Personal Revenue Coach
Mobile Commerce Automation