Modern Payment Processing

Have you upgraded your payment processing yet?

What is Modern Payment Processing?

A modern payment processing system seamlessly integrates to your POS system and provides a powerful payment experience for the consumer and merchant.

Most importantly, It connects merchants to a robust payment ecosystem, from merchant services to remote point of sale solutions, to hardware acquisition.

The operational processes are what drives the business

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Benefits of Modern Credit Card Processing

Complete Payment Flexibility

Having a modern credit card processing system enhances your business’ ability to not only accept all major credit cards but PIN debit, EMV chip, and non-contact transactions such as credit/debit tap, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Because, with 360 payment acceptance will keep your consumers happy, encourage repeat customers and stay on top of payment trends.

Get Paid Faster

You put in a lot of effort for your revenue, so whats stopping you from getting your money faster? Modern payment systems operate on computerized transactions which are a lot quicker to reconcile, batch, and collect upon over old payment processing systems.

Revolutionary Pricing

Although modern payment processing platforms cannot lower mandatory interchange rates as set by Visa, Master and Amex, they can lower their own processing fee mark-ups. Opposite of most, modern payment processing systems do not compete on processing rates. Instead, they’re concentrated on passing through best rates to assure their customers the least about on money per transaction on the market.

Access to Premium Payment Services

With older payment systems, superior services are costly or sometimes unavailable to a lot of merchants. Because modern systems make switching to chip, access to smart security features, and updating your POS devices seamless.

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New Payment Processing vs Old Payment Processing

Have you upgraded your payment processing yet? You probably are trying to figure out what that means, right? Well, when we talk about new payment processing we ask questions like?

Do you accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay?

Do you still swipe? Or are you using a chip reader?

Because with old payment processing you are limited to things like approved and declined.

After 40 years, Visa, Mastercard and American Express have opened up their networks which creates a bunch of opportunities for merchants. With access to the payment network, you now have the ability to load apps on top of your point of sale system and connect your potential and current customers to an entire world of customized offers without the headache.

Therefore, you can now do everything the big chains are doing without having to add more staff. You can run offers like purchase on Tuesday and Thursday between 3pm and 5pm and your system with automatically recognize it. You can create a punch card program without a physical punch card. It’s attached to the consumers debit or credit card. You can run rewards programs.

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