TechnologyJune 13, 2022Tips & Secrets About Google Ads

Google Ads are one of the most effective searchable campaigns you can use to generate leads and higher conversions. Recently, Google released a guide to help with Search Ads Automation, sharing some practices you can utilize to boost your returns when trying to reach clients. Many users will have questions about what they can do to increase the efficacy of their ads, and we aim to divulge a few tips and secrets to help improve your Google Ads.

Companies with larger budgets may find these practices easier to implement and experiment with, but every advertiser strives to continue learning more effective ways to automate ads for a business. Increasing your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is the ultimate goal, and hopefully, you can glean some valuable insights from this brief article.

Google Ad Tricks to Improve ROI

The ads that people frequently see at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) when searching for terms are effective, or else no one would continue to use them. Putting yourself at the very top of the SERPs gives you an edge over the competition and a higher likelihood of click-through. Automating these ads so you can sit back and allow them to work is what makes them so appealing in the first place to marketers.

Automation Practice 1: Broad Matching Keywords

Using a broad match keyword strategy is something that advertisers have historically thought was relatively useless, causing a lot of wasted ad spend and resulting in irrelevant clicks. However, Google is adamant that it has a use, creating guides and attempting to help users understand why using broad match keyword strategies can be a boon to their advertising. 

While the features or updates around broad match don’t seem like they have much to work with, it’s still considered best practice to pursue and perfect broad match keyword strategies. Coupling a comprehensive match keyword strategy with other automated methods can make this one of the most effective methods for advertising that you utilize.

Automation Practice 2: Bidding Strategies

Advertisers frequently believed that to make an effective ROAS with Google Ads, you needed to spend hours in Google Ads daily managing your bids manually. Google has made significant strides in evolving its automated bidding systems and has upgraded its machine learning to simplify smart bidding. 

Many automated bidding strategies utilize more broad searches, but you must be cautious of making too many changes at once. When you want to work toward a hands-off smart bidding strategy, making many account changes at once can put your automatic plan in peril. Testing your strategy is always wise, but be wary of excessive ad spending.

Automation Practice 3: Responsive Searches

Responsive search ads are one way Google advises giving your ads a level of automation. It suggests using multiple headlines and descriptions, automatically building and serving users the ads relevant to their searches. Of course, control is in your hands in designing the headlines, descriptions, and calls to action, and the content of these ads still matters even once they become automated. 

Outperforming the Competition

While all marketers are turning to automation to lessen workload and increase their ROI, it’s still crucial to influence a smart strategy as much as possible. Growth opportunities are everywhere, but optimizing your strategies still takes a level of skill and willingness to learn.

One lesser-known tactic in Google Ads is manually setting audience bid modifiers to help prioritize your audience list. A higher bid modifier means the preferred list will be prioritized but not used within the auction itself. If a user is on multiple lists, this can help prioritize which audience list is served. 

Changing your audience lists’ targeting and attribution using bid modifiers will give you insights into other methods for effective Google Ads. 

Putting Poor Performance to Rest

Sometimes even the best keyword research won’t guarantee your ads will be effective. Figuring out which keyword searches work best with your target audience can be time-consuming, especially if you’re doing it all manually. 

Halting poorly performing keywords post the machine learning phase is essential to weed out what does and doesn’t work. In that same vein, putting money toward ineffective ads is tossing your ad spend into an abyss, and no one wants that.

Why It Matters to Us

At Optimize4Success, helping others create effective Google Ads with the most streamlined process possible is part of our work. While it is our profession to help other companies increase their ROAS, the DIY business may not always have the budget for hiring a company. Google releases its guides to be helpful, but it isn’t always easy to understand, and sometimes their campaign requires long-term strategies–something not every company has resources for.

Helping your campaigns run on an intelligent autopilot can help you keep your ads effective while freeing up your time to do more important tasks for your business. That said, it can be even more effective if you have a professional team at your side! Of course, if you have a large budget, you can afford the trial and error phases of doing it yourself, but a company like Optimize4Success can help those phases go more smoothly.

If you’re interested in Google Ads and have no idea where to start, reach out to the experts at Optimize4Success! We’ll help you get on the right track within your budget.